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Arturo Modern Scandinavian Dining Chair - Set of 4

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Key features:

• Ergonomic silhouette
• A set of four dining chairs
• Comfortable upholstered cushion
• Simple, minimalistic modern design
• Inspired by scandinavian dining rooms

The Arturo Dining Chair range is a modern, elegant design to add to your dining chair. Inspired by scandinavian design, it features birch wood-coloured legs, and a white seating area. The wood colour pairs perfectly with the white top of the chair; both colours are neutral, allowing you to pair this chair to various different interiors. It will work best in scandinavian interiors, as well as modern dining rooms and kitchens. It lends itself well to minimalistic spaces as well. 

The seating is upholstered for added comfort. The back and sides feature ergonomic design. Thanks to its functionality and versatile style, this set of four dining chairs can be added to your kitchen and dining room with ease. The chairs can be part of a larger scandinavian ensemble, or used as a simple, modern addition to your dining room. 

Purchasing a set of chairs makes your ordering experience as simple as it gets; add these scandinavian dining chairs to your dining space with just a couple of clicks. 


Height: 82 cm

Width: 57 cm

Depth: 60 cm