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Faux Leather Italo Dining Chair - Set of 2

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Color - Dark Brown

Key features:

• Black metal legs
• Faux leather upholstery
• A convenient set of 2 chairs
• Availalbe in three distinct colours
• Inspired by retro and modern interiors

The Faux Leather Italo Dining Chairs offer a practical and updated approach to seating for your dining room. These chairs are upgholstered in a sturdy faux leather material, providing the leather  aesthetic without the high cost. The Italo collection is available in three versatile colours: dark brown, dark grey, and light tan. The dark grey option is suited for a range of modern interiors due to its neutral tone. The dark brown selection pairs well with settings that blend contemporary and classic styles, and the light tan offers a lighter option that complements bright and natural wood tones in your existing colour scheme.

Supported by black metal legs, the Italo Dining Chairs can align with various decor themes, from up-to-date urban to loft-inspired dining rooms and kitchens. The design of the Italo chairs is straightforward, marked by a lean and functional form. The simplicity of the design underscores the chairs' suitability for current dining room styles.

These chairs are sold in pairs, making the purchase process more convenient. For those looking to furnish a larger space, purchasing multiple sets is an easy solution to create a cohesive dining environment. The Italo chairs are designed to meet your dining room needs with a focus on utility and ease of integration into your home.

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Height: 91 cm

Width: 49 cm

Depth: 65 cm