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Leather Air Suede Caruso Dining Chair - Set of 2

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Color - Suede Brown

Key features:

• Black metal legs
• Variety of colours available
• A convenient set of 2 chairs
• Suede-effect leather air upholstery
• Inspired by loft-style and modern interiors

The Leather Air Suede Caruso Dining Chairs are an elegant and modern additions to your dining room. The chairs are upholstered in leather air fabric, a durable substitute for real leather, and sport a unique suede-effect finish. This makes the chairs look more textured and the leather to be more visually interesting. The Leather Air Caruso range comes in two distinct colours: brown and cream. The brown suede-effect leather air produces a beautiful fabric that goes well with both classic and modern interiors and pairs with different types of browns in your living room effortlessly. The cream variant is perfect for modern and bright interiors and dining rooms. 

The Caruso Dining Chairs are supported by black metal legs, allowing you to match these chairs to contemporary interiors as well as the loft-style inspired spaces. The silhouette of the Caruso range is simple and elegant, with a gap at the bottom portion of the backrest. This feature adds to the modern look of the chairs, making them the perfect choice for contemporary dining rooms in need of some colour. 

These chairs come in a set of 2, simplifying your shopping experience. Multiple sets can be chosen to match your dining setup requirements.

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Height: 84 cm

Width: 54 cm

Depth: 58 cm