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Leather Air Suede Lazaro Dining Chair - Set of 4

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Color - Suede Brown

Key features:

• Leather suede finish
• Black metal legs and a back handle
• Diamond lattice back stitching pattern
• Durable easy-to-clean leather air upholstery
• Set of four for quick and easy shopping experience

The Lazaro Dining Chair range is a prime selection for enhancing your dining room, These dining chairs are upholstered in leather air, offering the leather look in two colours: brown and cream. Both variants come with a suede finish, adding visual interest and detail to the appearance of the leather air. 

The Lazaro Dining Chairs stand out as a fitting addition to both loft-inspired and vintage settings, featuring sleek black metal legs and a convenient metal handle atop the backrest. With its modern outline, the chair seamlessly integrates into a variety of decor styles, striking a balance between its traditional leather appeal and contemporary design elements. The collection additionally features a diamond stitch detailing on its backrest. The handle on the back is a thoughtful touch, making it easy to reposition the chairs.

Offered in a set of four, the process of selecting your new dining chairs is easier than ever. Ordering a pre-prepared set ensures availability of stock and a simple delivery process. 

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Height: 86 cm

Width: 44 cm

Depth: 52 cm