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Real Wood Veneer Light Oak Ethan 1.8M Dining Table with Faux Leather Elmo Chairs Set

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Faux Leather Elmo Dining Chair - Set of 2 (Color)
Faux Leather Elmo Dining Chair - Set of 2 (Quantity)

Key features:

• Real wood veneer tabletop
• Modern and industrial design elements
• Rectangular shape with light oak finish
• Polyurethane leather upholstery chairs
• Free delivery within England and Wales

This set consists of one Real Wood Veneer Light Oak Ethan Dining Table and four or six Faux Leather Elmo Dining Chairs, presenting a beautiful dining ensemble for your home. 

Crafted from medium-density fibreboard, the Ethan Dining Table features a real wood veneer tabletop in light oak finish. Its rectangular shape and sleek metal legs with a curved u-shape design create a versatile design suitable for modern, retro, and industrial interiors.

The Faux Leather Elmo Dining Chairs offer durability and easy maintenance with their polyurethane leather upholstery. Available in multiple colours and featuring black metal legs, these chairs provide stability and modern style. With a comfortable and ergonomic design, they suit various dining room aesthetics, making them versatile for different interior styles.

Opting for a pre-selected dining set simplifies your shopping experience and ensures a cohesive look. With free delivery available within England and Wales, you can enjoy convenience from selection to delivery. If the light oak finish isn't your preference, consider our alternative set featuring a dark walnut finish for a fresh and distinct look to complement your dining space.


Height: Table: 76 cm, Chairs: 83 cm

Width: Table: 180 cm, Chairs: 52 cm

Depth: Table: 90 cm, Chairs: 47 cm