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Solid Acacia Grey Wood Manhattan 1.6M Dining Table with Faux Leather Emilio Chairs Set

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Faux Leather Emilio Dining Chair - Set of 4 (Color)

Key features:

• Solid acacia wood tabletop
• Contemporary black sled leg base
• Durable PU leather look chairs upholstery
• Live edges for a touch of rustic character
• U-shape metal legs for a contemporary look

The Manhattan Dining Table, fashioned from solid acacia wood, beautifully displays the alluring natural qualities of this wood. Its live edges impart a rustic charm and individuality to each piece, rendering every set truly unique. Supported by contemporary metal legs featuring a distinctive u-shape design, the table establishes a captivating contrast that introduces a modern element to its overall appearance. This combination of the grey wooden tabletop and sleek metal not only delivers a visually arresting effect but also ensures the dining table commands attention as the focal point of any dining room.

The Solid Acacia Wood, in its neutral grey hue, complements various seating arrangements, harmonising with both warm and cool colour schemes. Whether your preference leans toward a modern or rustic ambiance, the Solid Grey Acacia Wood Manhattan Dining Table easily integrates into your dining space, elevating it with its distinctive and versatile design.

The Emilio Dining Chair Set offers a blend of functionality and modern aesthetics, making them a versatile choice for various dining rooms. These chairs are available in two elegant colors: dark grey and light tan, ensuring they can effortlessly complement your existing dining room decor. Featuring a stable black sled leg base, they combine style with stability. The easy-to-clean upholstery is perfect for dining spaces, requiring minimal maintenance. The available colour options cater to diverse interior styles, from classic to contemporary. These chairs boast a sleek modern shape with a stitching line across the middle of the back and a black rail handle on top, enhancing both their style and practicality.


Height: Table: 76 cm, Chairs: 98 cm

Width: Table: 160cm, Chairs: 42 cm

Depth: Table: 90 cm, Chairs: 53 cm