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Modern Scandinavian Atherton White MDF 1.8M Dining Table and 4 Arturo Dining Chairs Set

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Key features:

• Set of 4 dining chairs and a a dining table
• Rectangular MDF tabletop with soft edges
• 1.8m length for larger kitchens and dining rooms
• Comfortable upholstered cushions on dining chairs
• White tabletop and wooden legs for scandinavian atmosphere

This dining set combines the Atherton White MDF 1.8M Modern Scandinavian Dining Table and 4 Arturo Modern Scandinavian Dining Chairs, creating a bright, modern set inspired by Scandinavian dining. The legs of the table and the chairs are birch-wood coloured, and the surface of the table and the base of the chairs come in white. As both colours are neutral, this set is easy to add to any interior, but will work best with minimalistic, scandinavian, and modern kitchens and dining rooms. 

The Atherton Table, with its 1.8M length, is suited for larger kitchens and dining rooms, offering a versatile and simple design that can serve as a centrepiece of your dining experience. Its Scandinavian-inspired aesthetics are echoed in the Arturo Dining Chairs, which feature matching birch wood-coloured legs and a white upholstered seating area for added comfort and elegance.

The Arturo Dining Chair range is a modern, elegant design. The seating of the Arturo dining chairs is upholstered for added comfort. The back and sides feature ergonomic design. 

Offering simplicity in ordering, this set combines the sleek, modern design of the Atherton Dining Table with the elegant functionality of the Arturo Dining Chairs, making it a perfect choice for those looking to add a touch of Scandinavian flair to their home. Whether part of a uniform design or a distinctive feature in your dining area, the Atherton Table and Arturo Chairs set is versatile enough to meet your needs.


Height: Table: 75 cm, Chairs: 57 cm

Width: Table: 180 cm, Chairs: 82 cm

Depth: Table: 80 cm, Chairs: 60 cm