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Real Wood Veneer Galena 1.6M/2M Extendable Dining Table with Metal Legs

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Color - Dark Walnut

Key features:

• Unique metal legs with an intertwined, spiral design
• Ideal for loft-style and industrial dining room themes
• Extendable from 1.6M to 2M for flexible dining options
• Geometric base structure for stability and industrial style
• Real wood veneer top in dark walnut, light walnut, or natural wood

The Galena table presents a sleek and functional design ideal for a loft-style or industrial-themed dining rooms and kitchens. Its real wood veneer top, available in dark walnut, light walnut, and natural wood options, can easily complement different decor styles and colour palettes. The dark walnut brings a sense of richness and depth, perfect for creating a focal point in a room with lighter tones. The light walnut offers a softer, warmer feel, ideal for spaces that aim for a cosy and modern ambiance. The natural wood finish emphasises the table’s industrial appeal and pairs well with a variety of colour schemes and adds brightness to your dining space. 

This rectangular table can extend from 1.6 meters to a full 2 meters, offering versatility for various occasions, from family dinners to larger social gatherings. The metal legs are the true statement piece of this design – fashioned in a unique, intertwined pattern that almost spirals under the table, combining robust functionality with an artistic touch. The black finish on the legs not only strengthens the table's industrial feel but also makes it a match for other metal accents and fixtures commonly found in such decors.

Underneath the tabletop is a structured, geometric base that provides a strong foundation and adds an extra element of design. This base maintains the clean lines of the table while contributing to the overall sturdiness of the construction. In any of the available colours, the Galena table is designed to be a versatile and stylish addition to a dining room.

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Height: 75 cm

Width: 160 cm, Extended: 200 cm

Depth: 90 cm