Placeholder Real Wood Veneer Light Oak Logan 1.8M Dining Table with 6 Fabric Teddy – Stunning Dining

Real Wood Veneer Light Oak Logan 1.8M Dining Table with 6 Fabric Teddy Boucle Fausto Dining Chairs Set

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Fabric Teddy Boucle Fausto Dining Chair - Set of 2 (Color)

Key features:

• Unique silhouette and shape
• Large set of 6 chairs and a 1.8m dining table
• Wave-pattern edge real wood veneer tabletop
• Curly teddy fabric upholstery with colour options
• Black metal legs inspired by loft and industrial interiors

This set contains a 1.8m Real Wood Veneer Light Oak Logan and 6 Fabric Teddy Boucle Fausto Dining Chairs, providing a modern and elegant dining solution for your dining room.

The table is crafted from durable and cost-effective medium-density fibreboard. The surface of the tabletop is covered in beautiful, real wood veneer. The tabletop sports a unique shape with a wave pattern running alongside the longer edges. 

The Fausto Dining Chairs bring a contemporary and cosy touch to any dining setting. Offered in a choice of subtle colors – light grey, white, and sage green – the chairs are designed to harmonise with a range of interior palettes. The Fausto Chairs are upholstered in a unique curly teddy boucle fabric, which lends a visually soft look to your dining room.

Both the Fausto dining chairs and the Logan dining table feature black metal legs, offering a cohesive look independent from the upholstery and table colour options. Additionally, both the chairs and the table sport a unique silhouette and shape, making this standout set a true attention-grabber. 

Choosing a pre-selected dining set makes your purchasing process easier and guarantees a unified design. Benefit from free shipping within England and Wales, making the order process quick and simple. 


Height: Table: 76 cm, Chairs: 78 cm

Width: Table: 180 cm, Chairs: 54 cm

Depth: Table: 90 cm, Chairs: 50 cm